Cash Supply Chain Management Platform

Our end-to-end solution that digitalizes the operations of all stakeholders in the Cash Logistics industy
in a paperless environment, and also increases traceability and profitability.

Vending Operating System

VendOS is an IOT solution for Vending Machine Operators who needed optimal route and stock levels for their operations VendOS solution
digitalizes the operations of all levels and make profitable by the machine learning algorithms.

Lean Manufacturing System

Otokod LMS Lean Manufacturing System is an efficiency improving solution based on Lean Principles for various industries giving easy and efficient driving measurability and profitability.


Fintech Focused Startup Studio

Finlab is an early-stage fintech startup studio that finds, invests in, and nurtures best-in-class fintech startups. They aim to pioneer the fintech venture studio model in Turkey
by providing consultancy, strategic guidance and financing to entrepreneurs.

Global Investment Practice

Spot212 is a personal finance app that simplifies investing and improves trading capabilities on global stock markets.


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Digitalization Solutions


Otokod Technologies offers innovative solutions since 1990.

As Otokod Technologies, we have completed many projects in various sectors since our establishment as an Independent Solution Provider. With the experience and innovative perspective of our 30. year, we focused on the target of growth as well as building relationships with startups.

mehmet kavi

Mehmet KAVİ

Founder of OTOKOD A.Ş

What We Are Doing?

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Our Value Proposition

We provide situational awareness with our technology and experience.

We produce technology-based solutions with innovative ideas for the management of your operational processes. What do our solutions provide for you?

  • Field Management

  • Digitalization

  • Traceability with IOT

  • Machine Learning

  • Planning

  • Optimization

  • ERP Integration

  • Business processes

About Us

What do our valued customers say about us?

Our Values

For a more efficient and
more sustainable World with technology

  • Our Values
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our innovative projects

Our Values

Otokod will be completely transparent about solution selection and will always work with its customers as a single team.

Otokod will maintain the ethical working approach it has pursued since the day it was founded, and will also try to contribute to the sustainability of the planet with the value proposition it offers to its customers.

Our Mission

Digitalization of operations with a customer-oriented perspective, ergonomics and continuity.

We will grow by offering solutions and with local partners in Turkey and the world (Caucasus and Gulf, Eastern Europe and the Gulf).

We will attach utmost importance to information security by signing confidentiality agreements with all of its customers in its projects.

Projects - Our Firsts in Turkey

Otokod Teknoloji A.Ş. has been offering vertical solutions in various sectors since 1990. Profitability and speed with our productivity-enhancing software solutions since the day we were founded We provide return on investment. Our innovative business approach has enabled it to establish long-lasting relationships with industry-leading companies. In the coming period, we will focus on R&D studies and produce global products. we are targeting.

First Cash Logistics Management System in MENA region (2013)

The First Cash Logistics Management System in Turkey 2011

Online Mobile Sales Force Automation System (2010)

Free Pass Highway system (OGS) (2004)

MES system in Turkey 1995

Our vision

In line with its renovated strategy, Otokod will realize its goal of being the most competent company in the Fintech / CashTech sector and in Lean Management.

The latest technology will be followed in product development and project delivery, Otokod will always stay one step ahead of its customers and keep them informed of technological trends.

Otokod will be a financially strong company in line with its goal of being an independent solution provider company.

Otokod will work closely with Startups in terms of cooperation and investment, and will encourage in-house innovation.

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