LMS Lean Manufacturing System

Lean Manufacturing System

  • Ensuring traceability in production

  • MES

  • OEE


  • Providing reports and lists based on all the details tracked

  • Fire traceability

  • Performance analyzes (Workbench, Department, Personnel, Product Based…)

  • 6Sigma, SPC, Total Quality, Productivity Analysis

  • A complete ERP complement middleware

  • Barcode /RFID

    Synchronized work with technologies such as Barcode / RFID

  • Productivity Tracking

    Efficiency tracking in components such as workbenches, employees, products, raw materials

  • IPK and 6sigma

    IPK and 6sigma data infrastructure

  • Smart tag generation

    Smart tag generation


Overall Equipment Efficiency

  • To monitor and report downtimes in production

  • Grouping, reporting and controlling different businesses with central configuration

  • Informing persons or departments about reporting and warning systems

  • Flexible analysis reports

  • Minimizing losses


Overall Equipment Efficiency


"Leave an Error Trace"


Dashboard / Andon Panel

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