What Will Our Solutions Offer You?

Increase traceability

It allows you to better manage cash flow by monitoring all work orders online and increasing traceability and visibility. .

Saves time

With its intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, it simplifies the work and speeds up the operation flow. It prevents unnecessary data entry and provides easy and effective solutions in the researches required for auditing.

Prevents mistakes

It prevents possible penal conditions and losses due to faulty transactions.

Reduces Costs

It automatically creates cash transport documents, providing an average of 80% efficiency and savings compared to traditional paper-based waybills.

Provides instant reporting

Reports fed with online data from the field increase the situational awareness of the business.

Reduces paper usage

It provides paperless operation in CIT transactions.

Reduces risks

It prevents the transportation of unidentified bags from the beginning by making the transportations over barcode/RFID security seals, and reduces the risks by controlling the insurance limits instantly.

Increases operational efficiency

The fact that the operations are online and transparent in the system provides great visibility to the managers.

Reduces calls from customers

All operations are monitored online and transparently from Dashboards in the system, so customers do not unnecessarily engage support staff.

Guarantees quality service

Thanks to the system that carries out the workflow logic electronically, the total quality is maximized.

Prevents incorrect deliveries

Wrong deliveries are prevented thanks to location-controlled barcoded transports.

Improves customer experience

It maximizes money preparation processes with its easy-to-use cash processing modules.