We provide innovative solutions since 1990.

Since our establishment with the vision of being an Independent Solution Provider, we have completed many efficiency projects in various sectors. With our 30+ years of experience and innovative perspective, we focused on the goal of growing abroad. From now on, we aim to double the value we will offer by collaborating with Startups that will help our ecosystem.

  • Field Management

  • Digitalization

  • Traceability with IOT

  • Machine Learning

  • Planning

  • Optimization

  • ERP Integration

  • Business processes

mehmet kavi

Mehmet KAVİ

Founder of OTOKOD A.Ş

Our Values

Be More efficient with technology
for a more sustainable world

Projects - Firsts in Turkey

Otokod Techologies has been offering vertical solutions in various sectors since 1990. with our productivity-enhancing software solutions since the day we were founded We provide return on investment. Our innovative business approach has enabled it to establish long-lasting relationships with industry-leading companies. In the coming period, we will focus on R&D studies and produce global products in CashTech.

First Cash Logistics Management System in MENA region (2013)

The First Cash Logistics Management System in Turkey (2011)

Online Mobile Sales Force Automation System (2010)

Free Pass Highway system (OGS) (2004)

MES system in Turkey (1995)

Brilliant Ideas

We find innovative ideas and technologies for process management in the Banking industry.

Advanced technology

With cloud technology, we make the operations paperless, monitor the transactions real-time for situational awareness.

Team Development

We are one step ahead by keeping the sectoral knowledge, knowledge and experience of our teammates at a high level.


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