Vending Operation Systems

VendOS is a cloud-based software system that monitors the operations of vending machines with IOT technology and increases efficiency and profitability with its patented Intelligent Decision Support System.

  • Cost Reducing

    Reducing inventory costa with a holistic management strategy

  • Planning

    Distance minimization and fuel savings with a Product Requirement Plan

  • Product Lifecycle Tracking

    Monitoring product lifetimes

  • Sales Charts

    Machine productivity calculation, sales charts and periodic strategy

Otokod (VENDOS)

The goal of the project

The main objective of this project is to reduce operational costs and lost sales for vending system administrators, to increase employee and operational efficiency, customer service level and product availability. To increase the competitiveness and export volume of Turkey in the field of integrated management software by developing a patented "Decision Support System" that will assist the system administrator in distribution planning issues.

Reducing inventory cost by creating a common management strategy by classifying various products in the warehouse

Distance minimization and/or fuel and cost savings by planning the daily visit schedule according to the product needs in the vending machines

Placing healthy products in vending machines by monitoring the product lifecycles

Calculation of machine efficiencies, creation of sales graphics and periodical strategy development.

The project is carried out with the support of Tubitak .

Special Solutions for You

Ready-to-use systems may not be able to fully meet all your needs, but by definition they are ready to use and you can start using them immediately after purchasing. Otokod solutions can be developed as small, medium and high-level customization in terms of customer use, as they are designed according to the general rules of the industry. Although developing a custom project takes time to achieve results, it fits your business 100% and fully meets your needs. Contact us at