Fintech Innovation HUB

Finlab is an early-stage fintech startup studio that finds, invests in and nurtures best-in-class fintech startups. To entrepreneurs; fintech in Turkey by providing consultancy, strategic guidance and financing. they aim to pioneer the venture studio model.

Every team accepted to Finlab, an early-stage fintech startup studio focused on seed investment that modern fintech startups need most, gets the support of its global know-how.

Special Solutions for You

Ready-to-use systems may not be able to fully meet all your needs, but by definition they are ready to use and you can start using them immediately after purchasing. Otokod solutions can be developed as small, medium and high-level customization in terms of customer use, as they are designed according to the general rules of the industry. Although developing a custom project takes time to achieve results, it fits your business 100% and fully meets your needs. Contact us at