Otokod (EAS)

Securing System

Otokod Workers Safety System (EAS) is a system designed to prevent accidents during maintenance and troubleshooting processes in industrial production facilities and to ensure occupational safety of employees during maintenance with barcode technology. system.

  • Instant Monitoring

    Monitoring job safety records real-time on multiple screens

  • Reporting and Recording

    Instant reporting of all safety records

  • Statistics and Analysis

    Accessing statistical data and performing efficiency analysis

  • Remote Access

    Access to Web based reports online

Otokod (EAS)

How the System Works

The supervisor who is responsible for Maintenance and Repair processes the work order on the maintenance schedule on the EAS. Even if the work order is not started for urgent operations, the work order can be mapped later for the operation performed after the maintenance operation.

The maintenance staff must first secure the machine he will work with, so they sees the work to be done on the big screen in the control room, then RFID will cut off the electricity of the relevant machine and lock the energy source. reads the key. He then takes over the job by reading his own ID card and the RFID tag of his own key connected to it.

If there is a special technical detail in the place to be maintained, it is displayed on the screen and the employee cannot continue the process without reading this document. In addition, if there is a special message for the personnel, it will appear on the screen at that moment.

It goes and reads the RFID tag again in a predetermined time. If it does not start working on time, the job display on the main screen turns red.

When the employee starts working, he scans the barcode, reads it again when it's finished, and comes to the control room to bring the keys and return them.

Thus, the maintenance/repair process is completed safely and the entire operation is recorded on the EAS.

Benefits Of The System

First of all, since the all safety records can be monitored real-time on multiple screens and reports instead of being recorded in a notebook, all maintenance in the factory will be controlled and worker's safety will be ensured in real terms.

Since the maintenance operations are recorded in the computer environment, it will be very easy to access statistical data and perform efficiency analyzes.

All the reports are in the WEB environment, anyone who is authorized can view the reports.


Security System

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