nakit lojistiğinde izlenebilirlik

The first priority of the CIT-(Cash-In-Transit) industry is security, and the second is that this cash is delivered smoothly and on time.

There are armored vehicles are monitored remotely in the operation, field operators are trained, but these are only for the physical safety. The cash is carried should be constantly monitored with the principles of 5WH (What, Why, Where, When, Who, How) as well.

It should be prevented of potential frauds and risks and proactive management of field operations should be provided in this way. In addition, customers want to see the status of their work orders instantly.

In all cash handling and transfer processes, an integrated IT infrastructure that traces end-to-end traceability must be established, and it should conduct field operations using smart devices and data collection technologies like Barcode, RFID, etc.

Cash handling will ensure savings and optimization in processes, excellence in operational awareness, reducing costs and reputation in customer satisfaction.

Customers can track instantly status of SLAs, work orders, insurance limits with web based dashboards. Also they are in operational awareness and ensured of reducing cost of operation, field team optimisation and prevention of frauds with these kind of systems.

We offer end-to-end solution for all operations in this sector with ManageCash developed for Cash Transport Industry.