Otokod MES (Manufacturing Execution System) provides:

  • Enables traceability of the products by serial/lot basis and product lines
  • Efficient production, waste and performance analysis
  • Provides storage for the complete data flow from basic materials to delivered to the customer
  • Support quality control and delivery flows, makes logistics operations easier with dynamic labelling
  • Creates productivity, waste analysis, bench and employee performance reports simultaneously
  • Thanks to OEE module, management can track overall productivity by Organization/Plant/Department/Workbench details
  • Supports major methodologies such as Statistical Process Control and SixSigma.

Summarize a production story briefly;

The plan of the production planning will be implemented early in the morning and starting operations.After a break,staff who is trying to relax as a result of these transactions,writes number of processing documents one by one. These documents are ready for input now. And without being aware of the event returns to its own affairs.

The collected data begins to be documented, as soon as transactions are completed.

An error has been occured, while documenting and type 5 instead of 50,and the results were delivered.

Result of this incorrect information is processed by the staff to be included in reports sent to the processing department.

According to the results,managers decided to increase the production taking a wrong decision.

The results of this meeting will cause the entire system’s malfunction by entering the ERP systems.

An assessment is made after the other complementary data which are suitable for characteristic of production are collected, With this wrong decision there is an increase in inventories,once again.

Production information are rid from being manual and collected in digital media and provision of online access to information collected,

Quality control / Separation process will be healthy and the information collected to evaluate instantly,

Monitoring of workers and the products made on the basis of the serial number,product labels suitable for the international production EAN codes. Monitoring of sales of products with these labels,

At every stage of your product’s production,collection serial number and data, thus production problems’ analysis and as an effective tool in eliminating the use of (Product traceability is a requirement of ISO 9001 and Total Quality Assurance System).

Labeling can made dynamicly in any structure ,the labels are designed to be applied immediately,

Creation of standard reports and analysis can be made by foreman,

Serial Number: Product label with the serial number of the products that in this store,may be able to follow up with the serial number,

Following the sale, in the correction process,the errors that is causing the customer complaint,provided an effective analysis environment.

Dynamic Reporting

Every stage of the OBAS system, the collected information can be reported immediately.With these reports managers can make the right decisions at the time and can eliminate problems in the pace of production.Various reports are prepared for businesses by OTOKOD,are used.And with fill in the blank method,there are reports that don’t need the user knows coding or programming. Ad-hoc query (direct SQL inqueries) or DB compliant for all programs can be made direct inquiry.

Statistical Process Control§

Statistical Process Control system is established with the information taken from Bar coded production tracking system. In this way, the results of works of individuals and groups, reviews provided. MES system is used as a tool for the compilation of collected raw information.Combined with rewards and recognition systematic to increase employee motivation.


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