Otokod LockOut (EAS) System

EAS Lockout system provides:
•Ensures staff and workplace safety by providing  technological support
• The solution includes utilization of:
•Staff Records
•Device and staff specific alert messages
•Alert messages for delivery at the destination
•Alert messages in case of termination of job
•Multi-way Analysis Reports

Otokod Worker Lockout​ System is a set of software and hardware that provides continuous observation of at cement plants of crushing and related equipment in control rooms at what times, by whom it is actively securing the entry for receipt and holding by the central control unit.Its basic features are as follows;

  • Holds that the entry for which employee doing maintenance at which section.
  • Continuously displayed the records of who is doing work which crusher and related equipment on at the main control room / rooms.
  • Warning notes that belong to working devices,are defined to staff to care firstly(Care details and issues that in terms of needed to be attention) ,and provided staff to read the notes.
  • It provies that staff will read special notes if there exists before the staff renews..
  • If you have special notes at the end of the business end of the study,the staff that provided by reading these notes and alerts when the job is terminated.
  • Auto-registers are organized.
  • The reports thet related at intended period are arranged,daily and monthly.
  • It’s possible that to regulate the reports on the basis of staff or on the basis  equipment.