​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MODAS stands for Mobile Distribution Automation System and allows automated tracking of all processes from demand order to billing in CIT/CP (CIT/CP: Cash-In-Transit/Cash Processing) Business.​


MODAS provides automation support to all field CIT activities (transfer of valuables, ATM replenishment and maintenance) in an integrated communications environment with the support of hand-held terminals (PDAs). ​

The complete MODAS solution set involves PDA, kiosk-type user terminals, integration and application software, a DBMS, and uniquely barcoded data sources. There can be already integration with the Bank’s or Customers own ERP system, and any software asset or hardware with proper interface that has a role in the service chain, like cash counting machines, can be included in the automation cycle.​

General features and benefits can be summarized as follows:

•MODAS allows for automated tracking of the all processes from service order to billing.

•Composed of Application software, Database Management Systems (DBMS), PC-Kiosks and hand held terminals. Barcodes are heavily used for quick data entry.

•Part of the paperless business environment effort within the company

•Highly integrated with Customers system, but can also operate independently. MODAS and ERP systems integration results in considerable time-savings via reducing the need for manual data entry.

•Monitoring real-time data to Customers through handheld terminals makes it possible to generate accurate reports instantly.

•Provides ATM cabin-cleaning questionnaire forms and an ability to attach the pictures taken by the hand held terminal.

MODAS improves situational awareness by providing accurate and timely information on:

–Operational status

–Vault content

–SLA adherence

–Insurance compliance





Benefits achieved by MODAS:

•Improved processing speed and accuracy

•Minimising manual/human interaction

•Preventing replenishment mistakes (the right bag for the right ATM, etc.)

•Standardisation in operations

•Access to information independent of time and place

•On-line monitoring of compliance with insurance limits

•Quick response to information requests from customers


Bantaş (Turkey)​ ​G4S (Turkey)
SANID (Saudi Arabia)​
​ABANA Enterprises (Saudi Arabia)

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