MODAS Mobile Distribution Automation System

MODAS (Mobile Distribution Automation System) allows automated tracking of all pro-cesses from demand order to billing in CIT/CP Business. (CIT/CP: Cash-In-Transit/Cash Processing)
The complete MODAS solution set involves PDAs, kiosks, and uniquely barcoded data sources. There can be already integration with the Bank’s or Customers own ERP system, and any software asset or hardware with proper interface that has a role in the service chain, like cash counting machines, can be included in the automation cycle.

Otokod – LMS (Lean Manufacturing System)

Otokod LMS is Track-Trace and Anlysis system that helps increase efficiency of your production cycle. It includes some modules such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), VSM-Value Stream Map, SMED-Single-Minute Exchange of Dies and Kanban.

Otokod Electric

OTOKOD Electricity Pricing, Charging and Field Data Collection System is a mobile software system that integrated into commonly used in distribution companies in Turkey. It is %100 percent compatible to Alternative Customer System and Ericsson System.

Otokod EAS Lock Out System

Otokod Worker Lockout​ System is a set of software and hardware that provides continuous observation of at cement plants of crushing and related equipment in control rooms at what times, by whom it is actively securing the entry for receipt and holding by the central control unit.