Industrial System Analysis-Reengineering Services

Analysis and Support of In-House applications,change management, re-development services.

Some of Disadvantages of In-House Applications

  • ​NonFlexible applications, sluggish and hard-to-use UIs
  • NonExpendible poor designed relational or non-relational databases,
  • Applications cannot scaling as vertical and horizontally,
Otokod’s approach of Project Management
  • Determining Business Requirements,

    • As-Is Analysis and To-Be Design
    • Pre-Budget
  • System Analysis Phase
    • Analysis, Block diagrams, process documents, Database Schema
    • Source codes and User manuals.
    • Detailed Budget
  • Development Phase
    • Detailed Analysis, System and UI Design, Development and Testing
  • Activation of Project Phase

    • Training and Support
    • Minor revisions
    • Final Documentation