MobileKasa will be a new physical channel and marketplace platform that allows individuals and institutions to access cash in their daily lives, with their smartphones from anywhere, except ATMs and Banks.

MobileKasa is a new generation  Fintech / CashTech solution that digitizes traditional payment methods.

MobileKasa Personal
Person-to-Person cash application
MobileKasa Business
A Marketplace platform connects SME’s and CIT companies for delivering cash easily and securely.


• Challenges to reach ATM in rural areas.
• Long queues on ATMs.
• Person-to-Person cash transfer.

Stores & SMEs

• Decreases fraud and robberies risk.
• Additional commision revenue from Mobilekasa.
• Getting new customers and increases visits.


• Increases tax revenues
• less cash circulation, less ATM transaction.


• Decreases %50 on OPEX
• Optimisation on ATM Network.
• Higher customer satisfaction. Increases revenues and cash.

CIT-Cash ın Transit Companies

• Increases utilisation of Armoured vehicles.
• Getting new customer base.
• Increased customer satisfaction and market share.

MobileKasa Personal - How does it work?

MobileKasa Business - How does it work?