What is Cash and Valuable Goods Logistics?

Every day, millions of people carry out their businesses without interruption, such as taking money, depositing, paying, and depositing commercial revenue at bank branches and ATMs. Well, while performing all these opearations, do you know how all this money is supplied or how to deal with fraud or how it is organized? Imagine how shopping malls, bank branches and ATMs do not run out of money and serve you uninterruptedly. Imagine that bank branches and ATMs do not work for one day. There is a tremendous team, logistical support, and technology which are working to help you avoid this nightmare. A different type of service is also required for these machines to operate continuously. The team that provides this service carries the cash, operates, reassembles and ensures that the money is exactly where it should be. ATMs, like all technological devices, need constant and intensive maintenance. Sometimes these devices can fail like all other technological devices or they can be out of service due to the human-hand damage. Banks and ATMs are not the only places where the money is used the most. Stores and Markets are also some of these places where the money is used the most. Imagine how big is the scope of the work done. Each includes operations that require different care.

Our clients manage all these operations correctly and accurately with our ManageCash solution, paperless and online.
In this way, our customers gain time, speed and savings, and can be more competitive against their competitors.


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