​​​Otokod (founded in 1990) is specialized in developing custom solutions on various sectors through R&D activities, system integration, software development and support, project management and consultancy services related with Otokod-LMS (Lean Manufacturing System-MES-Manufacturing Execution Systems, OEE, SMED,VSM,KANBAN) and Otokod-MODAS Cash In Transit/Cash Processing Business (CIT/CP) as well as standart computing solutions.

Otokod focused on Banking/Cash Logistics and Manufacturing in Industry and provides reliable turnkey solutions naming Otokod MODAS (Mobile Distribution Automation System) is running in CIT/CP-Cash Logistics.The other solution is Otokod-LMS Suite includes MES modules, especially Sanitaryware and Ceramic Industry.

Main Solutions are:

  • Otokod LMS Suite (MES-Tracing production and control system, OEE,SMED,VSM,KANBAN)
  • Otokod MODAS – Otokod Cash In Transit System
  • Otokod Electric – Mobile Electric Counter Track System
  • Otokod EAS – ​Work Safety System