Otokod’s Lockout System (EAS) is a system designed for monitoring the maintenance during the maintenance and troubleshooting processes in the industrial production facilities and to ensure the safety of the employee during maintenance with RFID technology.

The system works as follows:

First of all, the authorized person in charge of repair processes the work order on the maintenance schedule on Lockout system. Even if the work order is not opened for urgent operations, the work order can be mapped later for maintenance operation.
The maintenance person must first secure the machine he will work with, so he sees the work to be done from the big screen in the control room, then reads the RFID Tag to cut the power of the machine and lock the energy source. He then takes over the business by scanning his own identity card and the RFID tag of his own key attached to it.
If there is a special technical detail in the place of maintenance, it is displayed on the screen and the element cannot continue without reading this document. Also, if there is a personal message for the staff, it will appear on the screen at the moment.
The labor goes to the work area in a predetermined time and reads the RFID tag again. If it does not start in time, the job display on the main screen changes to red.
When the employee starts working, he reads the barcode, when he finishes, he reads it again and comes to the control room and brings the keys and swipes them back.
Thus, maintenance/repair process is completed in safety and recorded on the Otokod Lockout System.

System Features:

  • Since the safety records can be monitored online on multiple screens and reports instead of being recorded in a workbook, all the maintenance in the plant will be controlled and the labor safety will be ensured in real terms.
  • As maintenance operations are recorded in a computer environment, it will be very easy to access statistical data and perform efficiency analyzes.
  • Since the reports are in the WEB environment, access to instantly and remote reports allows anyone authorized to monitor them.